This is where I'm picking the next Bus Wife from....

I’m going to scan the Yahoo member directory and find me one of those 18-25 year olds who’s got a picture of herself in just her bikini, or her lingerie right there so I can check her out in advance.

She’s going to have her own web site, with a cam so I can chat with her and get to know her before I go to spending dinner money on her. She’s going to tell me all about how much she likes to please her man and do naughty things for me, AND if I get the right one, I might even get a new I-Pod!!

She’s probably going to be well-travelled, because it’ll tell me she’s from LA, Chicago, and Washington DC. I’m thinking that means she has a fancy job where she gets to save her rewards miles and we can take fancy vacations together.

How can a man go wrong with those kind of girls to pick from, you tell me that?