This is your butt on crack...

Yesterday’s foods that deserve a good cussin’:

Jalapeno Mint Jelly
Chili Rellenos
Broccoli & Garlic Onion Dip
Chili w/ cummin (to get 'ya)

and you?

:: Why A Duck breaks out the roll of yellow “Police Line - Do Not Cross” tape, established 100 foot radius of safety around lieu’s ass.

At a little ol’ place in College Station, Texas they make a dish called the Death Burger. (At least they did 10 years ago.) This baby features a 1/2 meat patty that has been marinaded in Tobasco and topped with sliced jalepenos. This causes what I call the “Afterburner Effect” in a matter of hours.

I really hope you mean cumin.


Damn straight, Ferrous.

I thouth this thread would be about overweight plumbers with saggy pants…