This 'Job' makes me angry!

I was browsing the want adds a couple of weeks ago and saw an add that read something like: Earn some extra holiday cash being a price shopper. It gave an 800 number to call. I thought, what the heck, so I gave it a call.

I was answered by a woman who said right away, “So, are you ready to be a price shopper?”. I thought, normally people who are hiring for a job want to first screen out appicants rather than encourage them, but I thought I’d proceed anyway so I said, “Yes.”.

Her next statements were a spiel about how some price shoppers make hundreds of dollars in a week. I thought, yeal, yeal, it’s a sales spiel. Perhaps a very few people do, but I was only looking at earning a few dollars cash before Christmas in my spare time.

Then she asked me if I have a computer with internet access, because the training course for the job is given over the internet and they receive the data you collect over the internet as well. I told her Yes.

Then she told me that to take the online training course, I would need to pay a $80 ‘training fee’. You pay by credit card, but she assured me I could earn that fee back in no time. This was the point I hung up.

I have never known a reputable company to charge you to learn their job. If the company isn’t willing to pay for my training, I don’t want to work there anyway. This kind of scam really burns me up. I’m not sure if it is even legal, but it was advertised in our local newspaper, which has a good reputation. I just wonder how many people nation wide fall for this kind of scheme.

I know that if the job requires some kind of governmental or industry licensing, you have to pay for the course, but any company that asks for you to pay to get the job, it is a scam. You should report them to the paper.