This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

The Daily Show got that covered. It’s the bit at the end with the man-on-the-street interviews that is the best part.

They can’t even recognize a rhyme when it’s smacking them in the face, literally one word away. You rhymes with blue. You already have a picture up of Joe Biden, even fox viewers are smart enough to make the connection.

“Vote Blue over Q, and take someone with you!”

Here’s my Valentine’s Day message to Sean Hannity:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fuck you Sean Hannity
And the horse you rode in on too

Wow, I thought Jimmy the Greek passed away a couple decades ago!

That’s it. I’ve got one chit with Biden, and I’m using it to get that poor horse a Pardon.

I missed it if this was mentioned, but it turns out that the person who said that homeless veterans were being kicking out of hotels for migrants, a story Fox scooped up and shared, is in trouble.

I glanced in at the Fox News website to see how they are handling the verdict (not well) and this is their top story below the Trump coverage:

Started a new thread for this.

About the aliens?

Yeah, thought it should have its own entry instead of being buried in this one.

Haha! That was unexpected. I actually assumed you started a thread on Fox coverage of the verdict.

Ha! I saw that, too when looking to see how Fox was responding to the verdict. I thought about posting a link here but decided it just wasn’t worth the effort. Its really not noteworthy or surprising when it comes to Fox. That said, I’m glad someone did. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but being a Fox News watcher tells me all I need to know about someone’s political acumen and ability to think critically, in general. .

Not shocked because there is a lot of racism baked into the Ancient Aliens movement. Something along the lines of, these ignorant brown people couldn’t possibly build these monuments themselves, it must have been someone else who did it. Combine that with a love of conspiracy theories and you’re going to have a huge overlap between folks who buy into alien stories and the MAGA/Fox News folks.

I started a thread on that very subject last January.

So you did!

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