This lady has way too much time on her hands

art project

Oh god, that reminds me of an episode of Mama’s Family. Naomi was having a baby, so as a present, Iola made one of her stupid crafts – a picture of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, out of dryer lint.

And this differs from quilting how?

Well, quilting doesn’t usually involve lint. That would be the first thing.

And doesn’t involve buying a bunch of towels you don’t plan on using just to get little waste scraps out of it.

Well, a quilt is actually useful. You know, for keeping you warm at night and stuff?

By that measure, the original Last Supper is a waste of time too.

omgosh. This artistic and creative woman is from Roscommon, Michigan. That is the nearest town and 9 miles from my house!

:frowning: (If anyone calls, I will be busy drinking myself to death.)

at least she realizes her role and is still doing the laundry.

Who says she never used the towels? Towels are useful things even after the first flush of lint is gone.

What I want to know is where you can go to see this. Is it in a museum or roadside attraction somewhere? I’m not expecting to be traveling through Michigan any time soon, but if I were, these creaky old knees would need as many excuses to stop and walk about a bit as possible. I would definitely add this to my itinerary.

Kinda OT, I guess, but here’s a pretty cool example of someone with a lot of time on his hands…

One wonders how often she ran the dryer, and how often she collected the lint – if you don’t clean it out too often, it can be a fire hazard.

And as far as using those towels, unless you have tons of people in your house, you shouldn’t need THAT many. (At least as many as I’m guessing she used) It sounds like a waste of water, gas and electricity as well.

I would be far more impressed if she had used bellybutton lint.

Everyone else seemed to think so, judging by how it was treated at the time.