This Mail Lost During World War II?

Barb is co-convenor of the local Third Order of St. Francis Fellowship – ask if you want an explanation; the fact is only tangential to the weirdness to follow.

In the mail today, she got a letter from the other co-convenor outlining what he hoped to accomplish at the late April meeting of the group. Letter dated April 15, 2003, postmark more or less matching that, 37¢ stamp on envelope – a normal No. 10 business size envelope.

And on the back, in the traditional governmental sans-serif rubber stamp mode, is the inscription “THIS MAIL LOST DURING WORLD WAR II”.


Whoops! I intended that for MPSIMS, and apparently tossed it too far. Would a Mod. be so kind…?

Maybe it’s a novelty envelope? Novelty stamp? Does the mailer have a weird sense of humor?