This means something! Now, what does it mean?

I’m always in the process of cleaning my office up. You can ask pbrtallboy, this place is a dump. It used to be storage space, but then some genius said, “hey, we can cinderblock this room up and make it into a pharmacy office! Board up those windows!” and voila, you have my office.

I occasionally find notes and random stuff stuck in odd places. Two days ago, I found a sock (!) in the back of one of my shelves. I’ve also found lots of expired medications stuck in random places. But now, I’ve found something even more mysterious.

A note. In my handwriting. On a piece of paper I’ve never seen before.

It says: “Sprint PCS Phone Thrower Poptart”.

I kind of feel like Richard Dreyfuss in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. I know it means something, but what the hell does it mean?

I’m so confused.

Wow, that’s one vindictive breakfast food.

Was it an idea for a new phone-food-propulsion system you were thinking of patenting?

<<It says: “Sprint PCS Phone Thrower Poptart”.>>

It’s the cellular static, ma’am. It really should have said “Spent pieces clone mower Walmart”.

Try new Monstre[sup]TM[/sup] brand writing utensils, so all your handwritten notes are clear. :smiley:

Any chance you’ve ever … umm… tried any of those expired medications? Ever found yourself huddled under your desk at 2 p.m. on a Saturday mumbling about eskimos? Or poptarts?

Of course, if this was a Star Trek episode, it would be the secret message that a future version of yourself sent back in time to keep the Enterprise from being blown up.

There’s a few possibilities:

  1. Sleep-writing. Hey, it happens!

  2. A list for a scavenger hunt?

  3. You’ve been replaced by a pod person.

Heh, heh…monstre funny…heh…

Someone has handwriting very similar to yours. I’ve had it happen to me. Admit it. It’s a possibility.

Hope I didn’t spoil everyone’s fun.

*Someone has handwriting very similar to yours. *

Could be – but that still doesn’t explain why a person (even a pod person) wrote that phrase, does it? :wink:

Well, Gazelle, I would say that it’s a possibility, but on the reverse side of the paper is definitely my handwriting, with a website that I found a wedding dress on. I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that I must have written this about a month or so before I got dumped (July 27), although I don’t remember writing the address down. Curse my failing memory!

As for the expired medications, who wants to indulge in something that will only make you quit drinking? Not me, I tell you. :smiley: (And no, drinking had nothing to do with this odd note!)

Skerri, perhaps you were designing an accessory satisfying to this new device.

Or maybe it’s just a shopping list. What model thrower do you usually buy, by the way?

Billdo: Great. That’s all I need: Tooth spam.

Obviously you are a sleeper agent for a hostile foreign power. You were brainwashed and forgot everything about your past and that is the phrase which, when you hear it sung in the key of F# by a blonde on roller skates clutching a bouquet of orchids, will cause you to wake up and remember your mission. You probably wrote that while in a trance state during which your masters gave you additional information.

You weren’t trying to write one of those logical puzzles were you (where people have to guess the next word)

lets see…




Sasquatch is, i believe, the next word.

Maybe it was a potential band name?

Skerri and the Sprint PCS Phone Thrower Poptarts? :smiley:

Nah, that name’d never clear Legal.

“Sprint PCS Phone Thrower Poptarts” is an anagram of “Purple Monkey Dishwasher.”

As for what THAT means, you’re on your own.

I think this might be helpful…

Now figure out what that has to do w/ Sprint.

Oh, you did write the note or should I say you will write the note. The note is from the future! [echo]future, future , future[/echo]

However you won’t have a future unless you act on this critical message from yourself. Your life, (no scratch that) ALL LIFE ON EARTH DEPENDS ON YOU SKERRI!!!

I think thrower poptarts means throw her poptarts. Someone (or thing) needs to be feed poptarts and it’s pretty freaking important that you do so. PLEASE PLEASE** PLEASE** carry some poptarts with you at all times.

Last night, we had a party at my house. I tried sneaking the phrase into conversation, but no one said anything. (Well, they didn’t say anything, but I got some really weird looks.)

Hey Zebra, we used to have a running joke that you had to throw raw meat in my sister’s room in order to pass it to get to mine. Maybe it’s the same kind of thing! So, some chick has a Sprint PCS phone, and I have to throw her poptarts? Feh. She can get her OWN Poptarts.