This morning I learned never to wear underwear to a hospital

Can I wear underwear if I’m just visiting?

My favorite go to med test clothing is a cotton sport bra with no metal at all [pull over the head stretchy bra] a oversized generic tshirt I picked up at a yard sale. Probably a 5x [no tag] and these nice cotton almost pajama pants but in a plain blue. Sort of like sweats but not athletic looking at all. Fuzzy chenille socks [my feet get cold] and my usual sneakers with orthotics. Only metal is my earrings [12 ga captive ball] glasses and my medicalert dogtags. All very comfortable, and I don’t care if any of them get cut off in an emergency. No pockets, so I can’t forget and leave something in my pocket that is metal.

As long as you don’t plan on being undressed by a nurse you can wear 3 pairs of underwear if you are more comfortable that way. If you will require the assistance of others with clothing removal you may want to skip the underpants to prevent discomfort.

I always plan on being undressed by a nurse. :wink:

It doesn’t always work out though. :frowning:

I believe the reason for the clean underwear rule is to prevent contamination in case of a wound. I’ve read elsewhere (no cite) that Royal Navy sailors before an action did this for the same purpose.

Heh… without the underwear, there’s another route easily accessible. (On rereading, you already suggested that one, though I don’t think hospitals routinely use gerbils as a delivery tool)

Personally, I’d take the needle :D.

Nah a two-piece version (shirt + skirt or stretch pants) is better than that. Easier access to your abdomen without flashing your undies (or lack) at everyone.

Don’t forget the short sleeves, too - or very stretchy long sleeves. I’ve gotten in trouble for forgetting that one, a few times. “No, nurse, a tourniquet won’t be needed for this blood draw, my sleeve is taking care of it for you”.

I had crippling sciatica several years ago - I had to get up and move around every ten minutes or so to ease the pain radiating down my leg. A half-dozen or fewer visits to a chiropractor later, it was gone and has not reoccurred.

I realize that chiropractic is a sensitive subject for some, so to them I give a Bronx cheer. It worked effing great for me.

Always bring warm fuzzy socks to the hospital! That way you don’t wind up shuffling around the cold hospital floor in the crappy socks they give you there.

Man, that sciatica sounds nightmarish. I had very mild sciatica during my first pregnancy and even that was horrible. I feel for you, pbbth.

They need to make underwear with velcro snaps, just like diapers have. That way, you can just rip those babies off like a stripper does.

Also, about the getting hit-by-the-bus thing, I’m getting this hilarious image of a sprawled-out victim shouting at on-lookers, “Hurry up and take off my drawls! The ambulance is coming!!”