This Morning's Cataract Surgery

Mornin’, all!

I have read all the Dope I could find here about cataract surgery. It “should” be not-a-big-deal, so …

I’m off to get my left eye fixed.

Just fishin’ and wishin’ for good thoughts from y’all, my Doper friends.

Thanks in advance. “See ya soon!”

:cool: … that’s me with sunglasses on.

Best of luck! Come here immediately after and tell us all about it!

In fact, take your iPad, phone, kindle, whatever into the procedure room with you and report to us before anyone else. We get first dibs on ya!

Thinking of you! Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Good luck! Tell us all about it. Just about everyone has to go through this eventually, so the more stories, the better.

Best of luck! My mom just got both eyes done and has been very pleased. Hope you feel the same!

Good luck and thoughts of gentle healing being sent your way!

As heard from multiple sources “oh my God, there is SO MUCH LIGHT HERE!” A common consequence of cataract surgery appears to be lowered electrical bills :slight_smile:

Also the realization that “white” isn’t what I had come to think it was. I had about six weeks between eyes and seeing white in one eye and kind of a washed-out sepia in the other took a bit of getting used to.

Good Luck to you!

Hope all went smoothly and you’re resting comfortably!

How about an update?

My wife got her right eye done mid Feb, so far so good, left eye next week. Then we go to the movies!

Second eye results are better than expected, hurrah! But, she got sick from the anaesthesia --hugging the toilet for a while, kinda scary. No other problems though.

I had cataract surgery on both eyes a couple of years ago. Wound up with 20/20 in one and 20/15 in the other.

I’d kinda like to hear from the OP, Atomic Mama. We worry, you know.