This nerd taught me to be careful with my jokes

This nerd has convinced me that people are annoyed with my dumb jokes, winks and self-referential jokes, and The Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad references.

Good dude but his jokes fall flat: Should You Run Coilovers or Lowering Springs? - YouTube

A lot of cringe is all I have to say.

I learned a lesson: be careful with the jokes that people don’t find funny (even if they’re not offensive.)

Respect other people----this is something I’m terrible with.

This is an even more cringe video: THE TRUTH ABOUT BILSTEIN SUSPENSION - YouTube

This cat box reeks! Here, smell it.

Telling bad jokes can not just be unfunny, but they can be offensive without you realizing it. Stick with dad jokes or jokes suitable for an 8-year-old and you’ll do just fine.

How about giving us an idea where the bad jokes are in those videos?

So, this dude jokes about how he can’t pronounce certain words correctly:

Is it Bill Stein

or it’s Bilsch Schtein?

He keeps going on and on…

I’m thinking, “I just don’t care, this is not amusing!”


It’s just not funny. I want him to get to the actual content!

I get what you mean. He just can’t tell a joke, and worse he’s trying to make them up. But anybody can be a terrible narrator in a video without even trying to joke. Even a Simpsons reference can land flat if you do it wrong. I should probably tell fewer dumb jokes, especially online where it’s just text.

My cat’s breath smells like cat food. - Prince Charles

In pre-pandemic times, corporate would occasionally send the safety guru to various locations to talk about the safety topic of the quarter. Once, when he was visiting my company’s location, he started out his presentation telling us that his daughter was headed off to college, and had decided to be an engineer. He then put up a slide showing a mug he had supposedly given her has a gift, bearing a phrase to the effect of “I went into engineering because words are hard.”

Safety guru apparently forgot that we have a sizable engineering department who spend a great deal of their time writing things in addition to what you might think of as traditional engineering roles. Not only did the ‘joke’ fall flat, he had next to no engagement for the rest of his presentation.

Yeah, clearly he can’t tell jokes, and also didn’t know engineers have no sense of humor.

That’s not funny!

The lesson is: never try.

Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m a Viking!