This pic says it all..

Yeah, I’d definitely agree with that. I was on my way to work today, and this older man was driving his car down Johnston Street and he had a gigantic American flag hanging out of his car window, flapping in the breeze. I think that it was probably the most refeshing thing I’ve seen in a long time. I guess that in times like these, we just have to be reminded of the “American Spirit”, no matter how bleak things may look.

Oh, man.

Wow, that was probably the longest duration of “chills” I have ever had.

Very touching.


Reeder, thank you. I have a “Thought for the Day” whiteboard at work and had been searching for just the perfect quote to express my feelings. This pic says it all, better than words ever could.

That picture is garish and extremely tacky. It is no better than a typical velvet Elvis. A picture like this one is more suitable.

I agree completely. The pic in the OP had more in common with the myriad Dale Earnhardt “memorials” than a dignified tribute to those harmed by real tragedy. The picture in your post is far more appropriate.

Wish I had a video tape in, but in surfing through the many covereages, I caught one scene of a rescue worker in the street covered in dust, handkerchierf over his nose and mouth, looking at the camera.

In his hand was a child’s rag doll.

From a child in the building? A momento from someone’s cubicle?

That is the moment I lost it. Wish I could have saved that picture.

The first thing I thought looking at that picture was, “We will overcome.”

What really got me was on all the news stories. A lot of reporters, etc. were broadcasting from across the harbor.

It’s a scene we have all seen hundreds of times. The skyling of New York across the water, a few boats in the foreground. . .

except the entire area over Manhattan was filled with smoke. This damn familiar picture was ruined now.


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. thank you for posting this pic evil.


I agree, the pic linked in the OP is so ridiculously maudlin it would be laughable in any other context.

I agree, it’s so true.

This picture really got to me. If anything sums up the spirit of this country, it’s this:

I’m moving this to MPSIMS-see you there.

The LA Times this morning had a picture with the Statue of Liberty silouhetted against a background of smoke. I really liked it but when I went back there I couldn’t find it. Rats.

Do you mean this picture?

Although that picture looks doctored, it got to me. Jesus.

This is the original…

Thank you, Reeder.

And some of the rest of you, yes. You had really good pictures. It was entirely appropriate to post them to this thread. I don’t, however, appreciate the way you presented them. Reeder’s picture was entirely appropriate, and I see no need for you to have degraded it.