This Political soap-opera

What is is about politics? There’s a blind spot in people that makes them pick one side or the other…once that happens the ‘other team’ represents instant death, dismemberment, Apocalypse, and warm beer.

I’ve seen equal numbers of threads that list Obama and McCain as ‘teh satan incarnate’

I’ve voted, and formed my own opinions, but y’all DO realize you sound like you’re at a High School pep rally?

I feel like I should have invested in Koolaid given the number of people on both sides accused of drinking it these days. It’s like most of the nation tosses all logic and intellectual integrity out the window in favor of talking points.

Bush is the satan. He proved to be what I expected and it was not pretty. In my view I think McCain represents the same thing. That does make me a bit emotional . The damage has been terrible and I want it to stop.

I think you underestimate the power of warm beer.

Yes…but…he had help. And we’re still here, and the sun keeps rising, and things will turn out okay.

And he wasn’t Satan. That gives him too much credit. And no matter who gets elected, We’ll be better off for it.

It’s easy to forget WHY he was re-elected. At the time I figured you didn’t swap leadership in the middle of a fight. I don’t think anybody expected him to jump the shark the way he did.

The biggest problems we have were completely out of his power to change. Oil demand in China making stuff cheap, that we buy and love due to it becoming a global economy? Not something he could directly affect. Overheated lending by handing to money to those who shouldn’t get these loans? He had a partial affect on them, but like I said, he had a LOT of help. Those things don’t get fixed at a political level till well after the blast.

It’s convenient to blame one simple thing (Bush) on our ills, but IIRC, he wasn’t HERE with the Dot-Com bust, nor was he here with inflation in the 70’s, this stuff is cyclic, and it always will be, just so long as we keep cycling in new folks to learn the same old lessons.