This really didn't need to be expressed in a bar graph

I was checking out random media statistics on this NationMaster site. For example, Bermuda has the most TVs per capita by far - 1,009 TVs for every 1,000 people, and Taiwan has 106 mobile phones for every 100 people, but one stat stood out as kind of… odd: DVD region rankings. You see, China wins because it’s DVD region 6, but the U.S. is all the way at the bottom in region 1. The average DVD region is 3.7. :dubious:

You misread the graph, Canada is all the way at the bottom. So out of Region 1 we’re still #1. Suck it Canada!

That really doesn’t tell me anything useful.

What we need is a bar graph telling us what the average telephone number is.


According to my research it is 555-5555.

111-1111 =|

222-2222 ==|

333-3333 ===|

444-4444 ====|

555-5555 =====|

666-6666 ======|

777-7777 =======|

888-8888 ========|

999-9999 =========|

But all telephone numbers in the movies have a 555 exchange?
ETA: See!

I thought it was 867-5309.

Useful visual display of AVERAGE

‘555’ and ‘Jenny’ are also strong candidates, but we mustn’t forget PEnnsylvania 6-5000.