This robot freaks me out.

AAAH!!! It looks like some creature you’d find it Star Wars, wandering around on Tatooine.

When it was tromping through the snow, taking those tiny little steps, my only thought was, “Oh, it needs to poop.”

It’s a Multi Use Labor Element, or MULE for short.

Nothing to be afraid of, just hook it up to collect food or solar resources and profit!

More comments in a recent thread. The video of Big-Dog seems to be doing the rounds, just now, creepy or not.

But can I use it to catch the Mountain Wumpus?


You mean there could there be DOD contractor collusion?

We’ve already seen energy price-fixing…

I laughed when I saw it slip on the ice. I find myself mentally projecting a face onto it with an expression of “Holy shit I almost fell.”

It looks a lot like one of the enemies in the most recent Half-Life game. The one that usually kills me.

It definitely adds to the creepiness factor that it sounds like it could shoot bees out of its mouth.

I, for one, welcome our new quadruped robotic overlords.

I know it’s the sound of the two-stroke powerplant, but in many of the outside tests, I couldn’t help thinking that a plaintive “Help MEEEEE!” wouldn’t be out of place

there are times I thought it was nothing more than two people in a robot suit, the motion was so natural

Impressive piece of technology, that, they left off the ending though, where it speaks with an Austrian accent…

“Sarah Connor?”

What can I say? I am blown away! I had no idea our advances in robotics had progressed to the point of a large device like this moving with the grace and balance of a living organism. Will something like this be our emissaries to the other planets and the local stars?
I am more than impressed.

If it were BigCat, it would need to give the impression “I meant to do that” when nearly falling. I would expect that to be more difficult, hence the dog appellation.

On second thought, this thing could easily be the beta-test form for the Walking Chrome Toaster…

just remember, “The Cylons were created by Man”…

I know he’s only demonstrating the dynamic balance, but when that guy tries to kick it over, I want it to turn around a kick his ass.

Yes, it should have turned and burned him to a cinder with a death ray.