This season's Drew Carey Show (open spoilers)

I’ve been catching up on the final season of the Drew Carey Show.

The show has definitely lost whatever it once had. ABC, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to burn off the show at 2 eps per week until they’re all gone.

Several episodes have been shown out of sequence (like where Drew’s dad dies and Drew screws up the funeral by buying a KISS Kasket off the Net). Right now I’m watching what was to have been the season premiere (which picks up where the last season left off), but is being shown about halfway through the “season”.

In the first few episodes, I’ve noticed that the camera work is really odd. Strange angles, blocking, lighting, etc.

Anybody else watching this season?

I’ve watched a couple.

What happened to the department store he worked at, did it close or did he just quit?

Winfred-Louder became a (like Amazon) last season. Drew has a job (which he can’t do because he doesn’t know exactly what it is).

I watched one episode for a somewhat painful fifteen minutes. What happened to Kate?

Christa Miller decided to leave so they had Kate get married to some guy she met in New York.

Christa is very attractive and her character was good, so that was a big loss to the show. She’s on Scrubs now, but she doesn’t seem to get many scenes.