This sets off my scam detector

Hind helicopter for sale


I think being on the web so much has just made you cynical.

They provide the following explanation.

“Ebay is good for selling the unusual… But ebay also brings out the worse, but this normal.”

Very true and it sounds like a perfectly good reason a mystery helicopter of that type would be up for sale.

“We can provide this but have to charge for the many hours of work taken, this applies for eaxct shipping costs. Until shipping is booked it is difficult to quote exact price.”

Too true. Anyone that works in retail knows that eaxct shipping costs are tough to know up front. There is no way for them to give a eaxct price that would apply to Dallas, Tokeka, or rural Yemen.

How much are you going to bid? I don’t want to try and snipe it out from under you?

“Don’t smile at the Crocodile”

It’s written in Scamglish and they refuse to answer questions. How are you supposed to prove you’re serious?

Maybe by providing banking info and current balance. :smiley:

I don’t believe it’s real.

I like how they will charge you to figure out the shipping, but latter estimate the shipping to the US or Australia at £10,000.

Scam or not I don’t think these would be people I would trust to do business with.

They do have a real website here.

Notice how the English is perfect unlike the Ebay listing.

They have 0 feedback in the last 12 months as well.

With everything mentioned in this thread I would lean towards scam. Maybe the account got hijacked?

The website says they have a Hind for sale here and the pictures are the same.

Someone may have chosen a real website and lifted the pics, but the eBay account is fraudulent.

I think you’re close to what’s happening. My guess is there really is a helicopter for sale, but someone – not the seller – is masquerading as a seller or broker. A lot like ads for rental apartments where the scam artist shows you an empty apartment, takes your deposit, then when you try to move in, you find out he wasn’t the landlord.