This tastes icky!

How can i get the horrible plasticy taste out of the sports-bottle that came with some gym equipment.
i’ve been rinising it all week, and it still tastes bogging.
I find it hard to belive taht the bottle is supposed to taste like that.

thanks in advance


You can try rinsing it out with a tablespoon of white vinegar and some hot water.

If that does not work, try some warm water and a few drops of bleach. Be sure to rinse with hot water several times after that.

You can also try some dishsoap and hot water if all else fails.

white vinegar and hot water, got it.
will try it now. post results tomorrow after gym.

Great. Remember to rinse well with hot water afterwards. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

cheers. worked a treat.
mmm free water.

When I played rugby in school, any new gum-shield used to have a manky rubbery taste off it. A quick rinse in a little bit of whiskey sorted that out…

Anyhoo - the vinegar seems to have worked…

whisky sounds more fun tho :slight_smile:

It was a really nice taste actually - and contrary to what you might think - the flavour never really pissed you off…