This thing cures bad eyesight and other physical ailments!!!! im serious!

Thanks man. I love Spam. Spam Spam Spam. Glorious Spam. Nothing like some Spam on the board in the afternoon. mmmmmm.

uh-huh. I see you’ve only made 1 post in the history of your ID. You registered for the sole purpose of trying to sell us on an advertisement?

I usually just glaze over spam ads without bothering to reply to them–as most people should. But you caught me in an irritable mood. Luckily–it’s fading, and this isn’t the BBQ pit anyway, so I won’t waste my anger on you.



Tick Tock.

Will it give me the Chinese secret of Immortality & Vast Sexual potency?

Will it?



And for a reasonable fee, I will guide you on a Jackalope hunt.:rolleyes:

[sarcastic doctor]
if this placebo doesn’t cure ya, come back in and we’ll get you a stronger one…
[/sarcastic doctor]

Moderator’s Notes: I fixed the e-mail tags in manhattan’s post above to facilitate e-mailing the sons of bitches. I’m leaving this thread available because I think manny’s got a good idea. We’ve tolerated enough shit from these spammers; it’s time to try a new tack. Please send as many e-mails as you like to the address posted above. Send all you care to, to anyone else in authority you can find over there, too.

They also have some kind of chickenshit message board over there if you care to let them know what you really think of their product (and their spam). I won’t post a link to their URL though, that’d probably too much of a favor to 'em. I assume you all know where to find, though. Yes?

Consider my post to be the “proper care” manhattan has alluded to. Thanks.

Seriously, I’ve really had enough of this shit. It’s time to let them know in no uncertain terms what we think. They’ve been asked nicely already to remove their link to our board from their list of spamable sites. Fuck 'em.

Not that I would do anything like spam someone.

But how would one go about it effectively? Is it easily traceable? Come on, mods, give us a good FAQ here. :wink:

Not that I would do anything like that at all. I’m a good girl.

once again. UncleBeer rocks the house

let’s give 'em a broadside!!

I warn people in using an email that you regularly use, like your AOL account or business account. I love the idea of bombarding this asshole with email but your email can be used against you.

If you are so inclined, use an email address from a free service where you don’t care if you get spammed.

< gonna do it now under a Yahoo address I have >

Damn spammers

Sadly, it would appear that his bulletin board is moderated. Only pro-Chiu stuff appears. Surprise surprise.

I’m tempted to sign that addy up for every daily mailing list I can find…should I?

I fear, Gunslinger, that would likely annoy the admins of the mailing lists more than the spammer. (And most lists require a confirming e-mail from the addy signed up to avoid exactly that sort of thing.)

Off to complain from the altavista account I never use…

Personally, I love how their message board about how and where to spam most effectively has a no spam policy. Obviously these rings they sell don’t give one an appreciation for irony.

You all are smart enough to figure this out, apparently I am not smart enough to type it out but I have to correct it:

Should read

…with email but your regularemail address can be used against you.

That site’s a hoot! Highly entertaining. The path to immortality through solar power and to growing hair by reading the bible.

Not only that! He guarantees his immortality devices for 90 days! If you die within the first 90 days he’d refund your money (if you were alive). If you are alive after 90 days isn’t that proof that the device is working? Just make sure you buy a new device every 90 days!

That site is the best example of what we are up against here. What beats me is why the idjit would come to post here. For a guy who has the secret to immortality he doesn’t seem too bright.

I just realized he’s in the DC area (Silver Spring. Md)

Better than emails, call his toll-free number and ask him why he posts here. He’s paying for those calls. Maybe he’ll get the message if every time he posts here he gets a flood of calls telling him to go take a long walk off a short pier.

I was looking at the wrong bulletin board on that site. From the main site, if you click on the link about how to get your own free rings, there’s another link to the bulletin board where they’re telling each other to post here. Looks like that one’s censored, too, though. Rats.