This this Craigslist posting is a scam?

Yes I know just saying Craigslist and posting together is a high likelihood of a scam but still.

The title is
**Partner Wanted Computer Repair Business (Toms River) **

and the text is brief

I am looking for a partner who is extremely computer savy in all aspects of the business, repair ,webdesign etc…

The business is completely set up with printed material, hardware as well as a website and we have a fully equipped office on Route 37 in Toms River.

Please visit the website at

They do name a street that is in the correct town however something about their page seems a bit off. I goggled some of the names from their testimonials and they all seem to be in California and not New Jersey.

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It doesn’t seem particularly scammy to me. So apply, and if they send you to website to check your credit report or do a “background check” or something, then run. I agree that there are a lot, too many, scams on craigslist, but also I must say that I got my job off craigslist.

Probably a one-person shop who’s recently moved to Jersey.

Doesn’t particularly ping my scamometer. It has a local phone number and a real address.

I had a look at StreetView and it’s an area with a few stores and stripmalls, which fits. Can’t see the business name anywhere but there are a few vacant stores so it may have moved in recently.

The only thing I can think of is that it might be that it’s some kind of pyramid scheme, or the guy wants to be a sleeping partner while you both invest and do all the work - but there’s nothing on Google saying bad things about the trade name, that I can see anyway.

It can’t hurt to ask - just do a lot of due diligence if you ever have to sign anything or part with money.

Thanks for the replies. My spidey-sense is still tingling so I Googled part of a testimonial

From the first pone posted I selected “Because of your professionalism, expertise, fast turn around and all for a very fair charge, I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.” and Google has this phrase on a few other sites

It lead me to which has the exact same ones except for the business name being different

I then noticed one of the testimonials is from Center for Universal Truth and when I Googled it the result is in California so either they have moved to NJ or it’s a scam.

OK, I think your spidey-sense is better than mine. That testimonial is on way too many sites.

Also, here’s weird. All images on the website are also on a Flickr channel.

There’s a YouTube channel of the same name, dealing with the same thing, but it’s Australian and is actually building low-wattage computers rather than just doing computer repairs, which is what the name implies.

Worse still, I googled the company’s own intro text and it appears on 48 other websites:

some of which seem pretty similar, from all over the US, and even in Istanbul.

It could of course just be a franchise set up to look like independents, but it’s probably worse. I once ran a site that got 100% duplicated (pictures of the office and everything), had its name changed, and was used as a front for some scam.

Maybe you should try calling the number and hear what is on the other end?

This quote “…on-site computer repair, pc service, and Mac repairs…” tweaks my spidey sense. Imagine a mechanic’s shop that advertised “On-site car repair, Ford service, and Volkswagen repairs!” It’s redundant. A Mac is a computer. It could be just an error written by some intern hired to write the ad copy, though.

I’d be careful. Since they gave an actual address, why not stop by or see if you know anyone that could stop by? Also, you could try finding a phone number through some other source (e.g. local phone directory) to make sure that a scammer isn’t using a false company identity (e.g. they are not the “real” EcoDesignBuild)

If you google that phrase in quotes you get over 7000 hits! It is hard to tell if they are mostly scams, all products of the same “start your own computer service business” package, or if they are all just copying text from each other.

Not necessarily a scam. I’ve seen TV commercials recently from a company offering cookie-cutter websites and the like for small businesses. Everything is already pre-designed with small changes made to match a particular industry. I can’t think of the name of the company right now and my google force is weak at the moment.

I can’t explain the copy-paste testimonials though.

Well, my take is that even if it’s not an out-and-out scam of some sort, do you really want to work for someone who’s started a computer repair service (even rented an office, and ‘printed material’) without knowing anything about computers?

That doesn’t really scream ‘good, professional, business sense that will actually keep in business’ to me.

If you’ve got nothing better to do, stop by in person, and if they seem legit and reasonably business savvy , give them a resume, but I think the most likely case is a clueless first-timer who will be out of business and deep in debt in a few months.