This time tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Anaheim

What should I pack? What’s the weather like?

I’m in L.A., about an hour north of Anaheim. Temps have been fluctuating between 45-70 degrees during the day. Bring a nice jacket and a windbreaker(been kinda windy) ad you’ll be fine.

I hope you aren’t going for Disney’s California Adventure (for those not in the know, Disney’s newest theme park is opening today).

It is going to be an absolute zoo and capacity for the new park is so terribly low.

But in case you are going for that I won’t give any of my thoughts on the new park as I haven’t yet been in it with a full crowd.

But I will direct you to baglady’s Travelite FAQ and her Disney-travel related column at MousePlanet. If you are going for the new park, be warned that many of the queues are not covered, so even if it is chilly you may be spending great lengths of time in the sun, pack sunscreen.

I live 20 minutes from Anaheim (and that is surface streets so let’s say about 7 miles). It is going to be cold this weekend, but that is relative. How I dress is I wear a short sleeved blouse with a sweater for the daytime and then add a light jacket at night. For your pleasure, God is planning on watering the flowers this weekend so you are in for a rare California treat of seeing actual water falling from the sky. The bonus is that there will be no smog, yipee! Most people wear jeans and let me say that it is rare to see those “gang” pants in the LA/Orange County area–you know the ones those that look like they bought them at the big boys store.

Well, give us the skinny–how long you staying, whacha doing, who ya seeing? Are you planning on having fun or is this a business trip?

I am going there for business, but I will have some time for sight-seeing. I have never been to disneyland, so i figured with the new park, I mis hitt less crowds at the old one. I’ll be there until Valentine’s Day.

Keep in mind that the entrance to the new park is about 100 feet from the entrance to the old park.

You will have smaller crowds at Disneyland this weekend as all the attention is on DCA so that it is a good thing. If you able to, though, you might want to get to Disneyland without driving. The parking situation there is a mess with the major lots filling as early as 11am. (Some of the numbers I am hearing say that Disney is about 8,000 parking spots short of the minimum needed to handle capacity crowds at both parks).

Have fun, though. Keep in mind that what SoCal considers ungodly cold is a mild chill most places. I’m down there 8-12 times a year (for Disneyland) and amaze my friends by never wearing a coat.

Thanks for the tips. I wasn’t intending on driving, I am not even renting a car! It sounds like it will be a nice change from the weather here. It’s been pretty cold.