This video of Kirk Hammet gives me hope for my own guitar playing

This video cracks me up. It’s Kirk struggling with some basic triplets. If HE can do it I can.

Wow, reminds me of when I was 15 and just learning to play guitar (mostly Metallica songs!).

Great Apollo, let me never become so famous that my egregious errors get posted on YouTube. In exchange, I will sacrifice the unblemished ewes of my flock.

“They get better.”

That’s from a documentary they released themselves, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to them.

It’s from “Some Kind of Monster” I think.

That’s interesting, I didn’t realize James Hetfield was a better guitar player than Kirk Hammet.

Eh’, I’ve had similar issues every once in a while where, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t get a riff down correctly. Usually what happens is I get an idea stuck in my head and hands where I need to play *this *but my hands insist on playing that. Usually what happens is that I want to add additional notes in (I am a kinda notey player) and the new (and usually improved IMHO :slight_smile: ) idea that I come up with gets stuck in my brain. Of course, the new idea isn’t what I need to play.

On the other hand, Kirk really does need to work on his leads. And ditch the wah.


I think it happens to all guitarists once in a while that they run into some kind of riff their brain just won’t process for whatever reason. In this video it looks like Kirk can’t seem to get the rhythm count to click in his head. I think he was trying to make it more complicated than it actually was.

That isn’t triplets, by the way.