This warning is pretty lame

This warning for UR2 is pretty bad:

I don’t UR2’s reply is really that different than many other replies that go on in a GD thread. I don’t even think it justifies a mod note.

I’m torn because his initial post was pretty gross: " Also in my area we have a democrat congresswoman named Sharice Davids and her honest to goodness reason for being there is she is a lesbian native american." That’s some straight up bigoted bullshit and is blatantly false. A warning for that would make total sense to me.

I think he got a warning, not for his much weaker and more vacillating follow-up, but because when he got confronted on his bigoted bullshit, he stuck to it.

That sort of “she only got the job because she’s a lesbian” shitposting doesn’t make the board better at all, though, and I’m not upset that it’s being more actively discouraged.

I suppose the question is whether “did this make the board better” is what determines whether a warning is merited. If there’s a place where non-better-making-posts are supposed to be reported, I have a lot of self-reporting to do, for starters.

I don’t have any complaints either way, since there’s no law about how a message board should be moderated, but the moderation seems to be explicitly personal and political now in a way that people used to (I think inaccurately) complain about all the time. Merely being (for example, in a hypothetical sense) dumb and wrong used to be way on the OK side of the line.

I’m getting this impression, too.

Lemme rephrase: that sort of bigoted bullshit actively makes the board worse without providing any compensatory value.

Then, the warning should have been for the bigoted post, although I don’t think that post should have been warned, either – the whole thread is about resentment politics, and that was a prime example of it.

Hari Seldon has been more…political in his warnings issued than other moderators. Indeed, as he even said in another thread before, he would have issued a warning for a political statement made by someone else because it was inflammatory, “except that I agree with it,” in his own words.

Not an attack on Hari , nor am I trying to pick a fight with him - just pointing out the tendency.

No objection there, and I think that’s as good a rule as any, if it’s the one that was applied here.

When one side repeatedly resorts to blatant falsehoods and racist, misogynistic, or homophobic attacks, a person on that side is going to be moderated more often if baseless and racist/misogynistic/homophobic accusations are moderated.

The alternative would be some kind of “Affirmative Action” whereby conservative posters are “graded on a curve” and allowed to get away with more assholish behavior just to avoid the appearance of bias… aka what we have been doing until now

Lots of posters here post inflammatory broadsides against, for example, Republicans, but it’s not usually moderated. Even falsehoods didn’t get moderated, unless someone was obviously lying. People can be misinformed, and other posters can correct their misunderstanding.

Now, if the misinformed poster Gish Gallops or doubles down, I can see a mod note or warning for disingenuous debating tactics.

No one is saying you should be slapped with a warning for making a mistake. God knows I have. But that’s not what UR did in the linked post, did he?

No, I was responding to your post about one side repeatedly resorting to blatant falsehoods.

I don’t know what he did in the post that got the moderation. His previous post could be seen as bigoted, or it can be seen as an example of resentment politics in a thread about resentment politics.

C’mon now, that warning is inexplicable.

When first challenged on making a bigoted post, ur2 resorted to disingenuous debate by saying ‘we’re all biased in some way’. Not sure it deserves a warning. A mod note at most would have been sufficient, I think.

I think a mod note would have been fine.

We are all biased in some way – I gave an example of my own bias in that thread (I said that I assume if a woman or minority succeeds in a white male-dominated field, they are probably extra competent).

Anyway, I’ll probably sit back and see if a moderator joins us here.

See what the mods have done now? They’ve awoken the kraken.

If you’d follow the link in the OP you’d see that his warning was because he did his classic UR routine:

  1. show up in a thread and say something stupid- in this case, that the politician has absolutely no experience and is therefore unqualified for her position, but got it for being a lesbian native American woman.

  2. wait for his mistake to be pointed out

  3. rather than engage with the poster who corrected him, double down on his initial wrong and offensive assertion, using a single line from the other poster’s post as “evidence” (in this case the MMA thing)

This is UrbanRedneck’s mondus operandi. He has been doing this crap for years. I, for one, would like to thank the mods for FINALLY calling him out on his shit.

You posted this while I was typing, but I want to say, I agree. A mod note would have been fine too, and then UR could either slink off or actually engage; continuing to post as he had been would result in a warning for ignoring mod instructions.

But at the same time - UR is a repeat offender when it comes to this sort of behavior, so I think a warning is ok too.

Well, of course you’d say that. You haven’t been properly indoctrinated into the hive yet. If you’ll just hold still so we can insert the probe… :honeybee: :honeybee: :honey_pot: :honeybee: :honeybee: