This Week's Primo Rip From Vinyl: The Golden Palaminos

The Golden Palaminos’ Visions of Excess (1985)

Meeting of several (then) underground musicians for an album of mostly great music.

Bill Laswell on bass throughout.
Three vocal appearances from Michael Stipe
Much guitar from Richard Thompson
Bernie Worrell on keys
Appearances by John Lydon, Arto Lindsay, Henry Kaiser.

Jack Bruce’s passionate turn on vocals and harmonica on the fantastic “Silver Bullet”: “…in the name of law and order with a tin star on his chest…”

I’m so glad I never tossed my vinyl. I rip to .aif files using ultrarecorder and a Griffin iMic, and then I convert the .aif’s to mp3 with iTunes. Anybody else going this route or like the Golden Palaminos or Bill Laswell?

Great album, I’ve got it on CD. And we can’t forget Sys Straw’s great vocals on a few of the songs.