This will be the last test poll.

Ignore like the others if you are wise. This should be multiple choice with public options.

I am not wise, but I know I am not wise, thus making me the wisest of them all. Accordingly, I answered your poll.

Why do you need to test polls? I’d think you have more experience with them than anyone on the board.

A) You encouraged not participating - therefor I must.

B) Public options says it all

C) The thread title for some reason started a “Final Countdown” earworm for me and got me in a generally contrecouer mood.

The first shall become the last and the last shall become the first!

He’s poll-count padding.

But now you know you’re wise! So you should have answered the poll, but in a different thread.

I have answered the poll, but in a different dimension. This negates my wiseness to maintain the necessary conservation of entropy.

I need an option for, Who is Taye Diggs and why is Skaldie interested in him? Therefore, I’m not answering this poll, rendering the results completely invalid.

Someone, in a poll I am too lazy to look up, suggested there might be a problem with polls in which the OP intended the results to be private, but they came out as public; such happened with a poll I started the day before yesterday. I was very careful in setting up the options, so I couldn’t figure out what the mistake was; thus I was trying to replicate it.

Or something.

Being unlike the others, I answered.