This workplace layout plan

Look at this image: and what impression do you get of the overall layout, and what kind of place of work do you think that it could be?

It is obviously science related because of the labs and chemical storage but it could be anything. I would guess a corporate R&D facility but it could be an educational facility as well.

All I know is that I want the receptionist position because that comes with the biggest office of all and is away from everyone else. I have no idea why there is a big blank white space in the middle of the layout. Maybe they ran out of money or perhaps there is an endangered turtle habitat there or something. I don’t know what a Unisex WC is either unless it is some weird name for a hippie restroom.

Unisex WC is intended to be a restroom anyone can use regardless of their gender. The blank space is because it’s quite a massive front entrance area, with some things left off the map such as seating for visitors, vending machines and open access computers.

With all the open central space… a museum?

That looks very similar to the research facility my husband works at.

I get the impression I’m being asked another weird open-ended question without any explanation why, and find it weird.

It looks a lot like facilities for a research start-up. There were many such clusters of rooms in the business incubator building I used to work in.

I’m tired of playing your “what’s this?” game for no apparent reason and with no conclusions at the end of the thread. Pointless and meaningless doesn’t even begin to describe your posting style.

Seriosly, what kind of game is this?

In another thread, he said that he’s an architecture student. So basically, he’s asking for help with his homework.

It looks like a design made to maximize the haunting melodies of lost love

I am pretty sure it is a concentration camp.

Well that’s boring. I was hoping it was something mysterious and nefarious.

If you’re gonna get people to do your homework for you, you really ought to own up to it.