This Would Make You Weep

I subscribe to a movies newsgroup. This was posted:

what’s dostoevsky’s greatest work?
i only read crime and punishment and the idiot.
> > >
> > > i’m thinking of reading the devils. is that good?
> > >
> > > has his works been turned into musicals?

Wouldn’t it be great to see the musical version of The Brothers Karamazov?

The musical version of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT includes:

Wiggedy Piggedy
Rodion Raskolnikov
Belted two dames
With a broad-bladed ax.

“I am a victim of
Beaten,” said he,
“by religion and sex.”

So does the little old lady perform the Chicken Dance before Raskolnikov whacks her?


I do like the concept of the old bat doing the chicken dance- perhaps the 1812 overture as gets the chop.