Those "10-10" long distance carriers: Are they worth it?

How about it, Teeming Millions? We recently got a letter from our own Long Distance carrier, AT&T, that they will, from now on, charge a $3 minimum per month on our bill, even if we don’t make any long-distance calls! I’d like to know if one of those services like “10-10-321” would save us money in the long run. (We sometimes make calls to the environs of Fresno, Denver, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Shamokin, Pennsylvania.)

Just be sure you look up the rates before you call, a what I thought was 10 cents a minute call turned out to be $1 a min and $400 later I was in shock!

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I’ve used the 10-10 numbers – when I’m calling Iowa to Washington and know it’s gonna be a long conversation – compared the bills and it was at least 50% cheaper.

I just hate plugging in all those numbers, but it seems to work.

I think I used 10-10-220. Why do they keep changing the numbers? Anybody know?

I call my GF in Toronto… It saved me huge $$$… Before, I called on ATT… I used to have $300 bills… I think they work…

You could cancel and use ATT by dialing 1010ATT. I virtually never use LD. I am hoping I don’t have to have any carrier.

My sister is in Western New York, and I am in Southern California. We talk to each other on the phone at least once a week, and at least for an hour – often an hour and a half. 10-10-321 has saved me BOATLOADS of money. But only if the call is about 20 minutes long or so.


Melin… why only if it 20 minutes or less?.. of only to save the other .09 a minute on LD? I called my GF in Toronto (from California) for one hour using the 10-10-220… it cost me $5.00 US… if I called on ATT, it would have cost me $30!!.. I dunno, see for yourself…

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Squee, go back and read my post, you misread a word. The 10-10-321 is cheaper, in my experience, if indeed your call is longer than 20 minutes.


$30 an hour ATT??? I dont think so… My GF and I had ATT at 10 cents a min… thats $6 an hour ($4.95 a month fee) now there is even cheaper… MCI is offering 7 cents a min with $5.95 a month fee… shit… we still had 400 to 900 dollors a month EACH! No shit! I wish I had all that money back I tell ya! (BTW in case your wondering… yes that is EVERY free min of your time on the phone long dist.) DONT EVER DO THAT! NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!

Melin…sorry, you are right, but the wording was kinda deceptive!! = ) and anyway, my rates were not as bad as $30 an hour, but, then again, I dunno how I made only a handful of calls to amount to $300*!!

*I don’t have the bills, so I can’t check them, so maybe an exaggeration of the facts happened, but not by much!! I know I only made a few calls (10) and it came to $300!!
and that’s the story I’m stickin to!! = )

You’ll need to read each offer with the eyes of a legal eagle.
Years ago it was simple…if your call was less than 1 hour MCI, if more than 1 hour AT&T.
The trick with AT&T w-a-y back then was that they socked it to you during the first 3 minutes (and I mean socked it to you).
But each additional minute would get you closer to a “tier” that charged less.
At some point you were equal to the MCI minute by minute billing. At some point beyond that you were actually lower than MCI.
These days you have to wade through each company offer.

all I know is, the next time i see one of those damn ads im going to shoot the tv.

“All calls up to 20 minutes only $0.99” means to me that if you call across the country to talk to Joe, and Joe’s mom answers and tell you that he isn’t there, you spent a dollar for a less than one minute call.

But, if you plan to make a long call, the 10-10 numbers would make sense. Online one rate from AT&T gives me $0.10 per minute with no monthly fee, which works for the kind of calls we make. Plus, I get my long distance bill online, and can click on a number to have AnyWho find out who the call was made to.

I use 10 10 811,
It has saved me loads of money, I didn’t have to change my carrier to use it, but you can.

It’s 10 cents a minute, period.

Works for me since my mom and 6 of my siblings live out of state.

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Im deaf, so Im supposed to get a TTY rate, this is usually the next lowest rate. But my friend thought [without asking me] that works for England too. So she called England from US, 180 minutes came to around $220. lol AT&T too.

Anyway, why pay when you can call for free at