Those Black "Censored" Rectangles......

…over they eyes and private parts in some magazines. WTH?

If I came to work naked, except for some electricians tape over my eyes and groin area, people would still know it was me, I suspect. So what’s the deal? I know it was to protect privacy, but come on, did someone really believe this would fool someone familiar with the subject, and has it ever failed, i.e., gone to court because someone was recognized?



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Perhaps this is a legal thing more than anything else. That is, they cover their eyes (or whatever) because the person filmed wanted to remain anonymous or they didn’t have permission. This way they could say they concealed the identity and still show the clip.

I also think that in most cases of the ‘strip-in-front-of-eye’ censoring I’d have a hard time recognizing the guy if I had never seen him before I saw him on teevee.

The strips over the eyes (and privates) would protect the identity of the person from the average person on the street. It may not help much with close friends and family but the other 99.99999% of the population wouldn’t recognize the person in any other context.

It has been a while since I’ve seen the black strips used on faces and unmentionables. Recently, I’ve been seeing blurry areas over stuff like that. Maybe someone did sue over the black strip. I mean, the strip may cover the eyes but not, say, a noticable tatoo or birthmark.

Please re-read. I believe I stipulated the fact that it was done for privacy’s sake, but then I went on to ask if the device had ever failed and someone familiar with the subject recognized them and was there ever any litigation because of this?

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It’s not as hard to fool people as it looks. Clark Kent did it for years at the Daily Planet and all he did was wear a pair of glasses.

Reminds me of an old joke:
Supposedly there used to be a tradition that Oxford dons would swim naked in the Isis in particularly nice weather.
One year a group of girls cam by in a punt, and while most of the dons tried to cover their privates, one covered his face instead. When asked why, he said “I don’t know about you, but my students recognise me by my face.”