Those bloody forwarded emails...

I just got a forwarded email in my inbox. Just look:

> << << << Hey everyone! This is the coolest thing! This is sooooo kewl! All that you have to do is send this to 10 people and a new type of buddy list will appear after you send it! Mine can tell you exactly where someone is, who they’re talking to, and if they have more than 1 s/n, it tells you what it is. This is soooooo neat!!

Who makes this stuff up? And who actually believes it? (Apart from teenybopper eleven year olds, that is). These are really starting to piss me off…

I didn’t make it up. I certainly don’t believe it.

On another note, just what is an “s/n,” and why would one want to know if someone has more than one?

I’m guessing it’s from an AOL account, in which case it means “screenname”.