Those commercials for the soda stream thing

“Would you ever believe this soda came from just regular water???”
man these commercials are annoying
how do people think the bottling companies make soda if not by using water??

Wait. Is Soda Stream back? That was huge when I was a kid in the 70s. Is this just a retro fad or is there a new twist that makes it unique again?

In other parts of the world it never went away.

It’s back.

Downside so far is that most flavors - even non-diet ones - seem to have Splenda (sucralose) in them, and my husband has an adverse reaction to the stuff. Otherwise we’d probably have bought one already.

But see, store-bought soda is made from special, um, irregular water! Yeah, that’s it!

Anyway, though, my 10-year old nephew has one of these and uses it all the time and loves it. I haven’t partaken of the results, but his mom says it’s just as good as “real” pop.

I’ve tried it and the bubbles seem… wrong. To small and fizzy. More like alka seltzer than soda. Plus the flavors seem off.

Not a big soda drinker anyway, but not a fan.

From the website: Founded overseas in 1991, SodaStream started operations in the United States in 2003.

We have one that gets used a lot, but almost exclusively for soda water. We’ve only used 5-6 of the syrups over the six months or so that we’ve had it. It’s handy.

I’ve never seen a commercial for it, so I’m not irritated by them!

As something of a soft drink connoisseur I’d be very interested to try this stuff, but I highly doubt their Dr. Pete flavor can compare to actual Dr. Pepper.

Well that’s nonsense. We owned one in 1979.

It won’t. Their flavors are awful. I’m waiting to hear results from a friend who’s ordering syrups from other sources. In the meantime, the unit someone gave me for Xmas sits idle. If for some reason commercial soft drinks aren’t readily available in your area it might be a useful product, otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

I thought the point of owning one of those machines was so you could make your own soda at home. I don’t mean with a mix but by making a soda from scratch using your own recipe. If you’re just buying a mix why not just by cans of soda to start with?

SHHHHHH! You’re not supposed to think it through that far, Odesio.

Because bringing heavy cans and bottles home can be an annoyance. I don’t own a car. if I was certain of a steady supply of Coke Zero syrup, I would definitely own one. Dragging my granny cart to the store for a box of soda gets old. And for people without a lot of recycling options, it’s much less wasteful since the bottles are reusable.

Indeed, Wikipedia seems to state that it first appeared int he UK in 1955:

And this I very much agree with:

As a kid it was, err, fun.

To be fair, the root technology is a little bit older than that…

Agreed, the syrup mixes are inedible. I add a little thawed frozen fruit juice concentrate instead. Lemonade with some garden rosemary or mint is great.

We have one and love it. The flavors are hit or miss, but you can do a lot of great sodas without using their flavor product. We mostly enjoy sparkling water from it with just a bit of cranberry juice.

Maybe real store-brand or generic pop.