Those flies in here really suck

A few weeks ago I ate a pineapple in my room and dumped the waste into my wastebin. Then, not having made this experience before, I forgot about that until yesterday when I started wondering about why there were so many flies in here. Seems a fly laid her eggs into the pineapple, and bingo - hundreds of tiny little young flies. I dropped the garbage bag out (most of the flies were in there), but at least a few dozen of those little beasts remained in my room. I swatted maybe a dozen of them with a newspaper (resulting in my window being blotched with reddish-black spots now). That really sucks.

Trying to get rid of them by hanging up glue strips in here now. Seems to work.

Oh, it’s so annoying.

What do you call a fly with no wings?

A walk?

Don’t mind if I do.