Those Light Boxes at the Nail do they work?

When I get a professional manicure, the technician puts me at a table where a black-light looking glow and some circulating air dry my polish.

I think the light thing is a scam. Anyone got the straight dope on that?

What it’s supposed to be is a UV light. UV kills germs and helps to prevent infection. Whether or not that’s what it really is I can’t say.

Wow. Thanks for that little factoid. I’ve NEVER been given a reason by any technician. They always tell me it helps them dry. Go figure.

The polymerization of some plastics is enhanced by UV light.
I’ve no idea whether nail polishes are in that class.

I’m thinking for artificial nails, that might be the case. I just do the natural manicure, so I’m not sure if that would count for polish.