Those little unkowns

I generally consider myself a skeptic. I´m not religious, though I do have respect for religion(s). I recognize that religion can add many aspects to a culture and hence make it more interesting.

I don´t believe in ghosts, fate, destiny or karma, among other things.

However, I do have a spiritual side. It´s difficult to explain, but there are moments, like listening to a song I love or seeing a bright blue sky that spark an inner warmth that reinforces the statement (paraphrasing) “the more I know, the more I know nothing”.

I´ve also expirienced moments difficult to explain by logic, or science, or maybe even psychology.

There are times, for example, that I´ve felt that I´ve been there and done that, and yet at the same time knowing that this expirience is new. You can call it deja-vu if you´d like, but I wouldn´t be quick to dismiss it as a simialar situation in the past that my mind is confusing with the present, type of thing.

There are also times in which I´ve had friends remind me of goodm times we´ve had in the past, obviously being important to them, but things I´ve completly forgotten, that I shouldn´t have.

I also feel this spiritual side when I read about astronomy and how little we are compared to the size of the universe. I mean, DAMN, we are smaller than a grain of sand in 12 mile beach, to put it in such a way.

I suppose I really don´t have a direct theme here, but these spiritual or mystifying moments certainly “humble me” and make me look at day to day life as being anything but routine or normal.

It´s as if many of us forget the long way we´ve come to reach the point we are now. Roads, buildings, airconditioners, computers televisions cars have all evolved so recently, and we take them and use them as way of habit. It wasn´t too long ago that we used a hole in the ground as the bathroom, or relied the stars to guide our way.

I hope I havent lost any of you. :slight_smile:

Do any of you have any times or thoughts in which you´ve geniunly have felt “those little unkowns” that make you pause and think?

It can be humbling to think about where we are in the world in terms of progress – and how much more could be accomplished, which we may not even be able to think of right now. So we are standing on the shoulders of giants, in the sense that we have the such a large base of knowledge and infrastructure in place for our current achievements.

As for everything else, maybe I’m too cynical. It’s not to say I don’t have an appreciation for the little things, but in the back of my mind I know it’s just chemicals, and/or physiological responses.