Those robotic Lego toys...

I was recently in a store, and saw that there’s a big ol’ set of Legos called the “Robotic Invention System.” Looks WAY cool, you can build robots and program 'em with your PC and download the code to the robot. Seems like a dream toy to geeks like me. I’m thinking of buying a set. Does anyone have these? Are they as cool as they look? The set costs about $300, so I want some verification that they’re cool before I spend the bucks.

They are way cool. I bought my daughter a set last year for Christmas, which so happens she wasn’t interested in. Husband and I played with it and it’s great. We are selling it, but it’s just because daughter interested.

isn’t interested

I asked Santa to bring me a set when I sat on his lap at the mall last weekend.

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I have a set…and it is cool. I took a class in robotics last summer and and this set was the main thing used in the class. It’s really more appropriate for older kids and teenagers. But I know a second grade teacher who successfully used the lego mindstorms kit with her class.
Oh they have an awesome website: (I don’t know how to do links. But it’s amazing, the things people come up with, using this kit.

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Best commercial I’ve seen for the robotic Legos:

Shower is running. A little wheeled Legobot carrying a camera is inching toward the tub, wheeling forward a little at a time. It stops and makes a beeping noise. The shower curtain draws back. The camera flash goes off, a girl screams, and the robot does a 180 and tears off at top speed.

Followed by a voice over about how you can program them to do whatever you want.

Still cracks me up.