Those tunes behind circus and magicians' acts

i’m a bit more fascinated by choices for olympic figure skating. russians almost always have a section devoted to ochi chornya and titana. americans like love songs and movie themes. david santee did the theme music for rocky. one guy did moolight sonata. unforgettable was the pair of randy gardner and tai babilonia. they used the music of battlestar galactica.

Last time I caught some figure skating with Mom, we started counting uses of Concierto de Aranjuez after it came up for the third time. We eventually got up to eight and the show hadn’t ended yet. Capricho Español is a popular one as well.

I found the one where you actually hum the tune you have in mind into the computer microphone. The one I wanted was a moody instrumental that was very familiar, like a ‘standard’, such as Smoke Gets In Your Eyes or Begin the Beguine. I tried three times, and each time, this website gave me the same answer: “Baby Got Back”. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Yeah, I gots buns, hon, but what is that f’ing tune??