Those who wrote the constitution

I haven’t read the entire constitution but even as a child I was really impressed with how well it was written. What sort of educations did the authors typically have? When I read it I get this feeling that there was a group of highly motivated men, passionate and excited about what they were creating all putting their heads together and coming out with something incredible. Maybe I am just easily impressed, I have had that happen many times. Do others see it as special as I do??

The structure of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mostly belong to Madison. His primary education was under a private tutor named David Robertson. His college prep was under the Rev. Thomas Martin, an Episcopal cleric who attended Princeton(then called the College of New Jersey.) We can assume that Martin is who then convinced Madison to enroll at Princeton himself for a generic liberal arts education that we might today roughly call “a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities.” He then studied directly under the President of Princeton for a year for what today we might call a Master’s in Hebrew and Political Science-though of course such terms didn’t exist then and higher ed was structured much differently. So to answer your question in modern equivalents with an acknowledgement that this is only a rough approximation, we might say ‘Madison had a Master’s in Poli Sci from Princeton.’

To continue this thread, the other members of the Style Committee (who were the actual writer’s of the Constitution were)

Alexander Hamilton (modern educational equivalent in a similar style to how I did Madison’s might be to say a drop-out of Columbia law - although he passed the bar on his own after dropping out)
William Samuel Johnson(Master’s degree in divinity/law from Yale)
Gouverneur Morris (Master’s degree in law from Columbia)
Rufus King (Bachelor’s in humanities from Harvard, dropped out of law school due to wishing to shoot British soldiers)