THose WWII Tank "Traps"-Did They Work?

I was watching a documentary about WWII armor…and it showed what were called “dragon’s teeth”-they were pyramidal projections , about 4’ high, made of concrete. These were laid in rows, and intented to stop tanks. Did these things work? I imagine that a modern MBT would not be stopped by such things. Anyway, millions of these things were set up…but I wonder if they ever actually stopped the tanks from advancing.

I don’t think the tanks could manage to go over them… they could hurt the tracks and lift the tank body taking traction away. It might be like a marked minefield… you deny an area.

Dragon’s teeth were of very little significance in the western front in WWII. E.g., there were roads that went thru them, so just drive on the road. When they had to, the US had a dozer run over them, either knocking them down or piling dirt on top. (Some tanks had front attachments to do this themselves.) Also at that time, the Germans hadn’t nearly enough forces to take advantage of the minor slow down they caused. Even with significant forces, it wouldn’t have mattered much. Widely dispersed fixed defenses don’t do anything. Basically a big waste of time and money.

Note that generally when I hear “tank traps” and WWII, I think of wide trenches. The Russians dug a lot of these, esp. around Moscow and Leningrad (AIWKT). The Moscow ones were sufficiently dispersed that the usual tank tactic: go somewhere else, worked. But Leningrad was impermeable, the defenses were so thick. Again, mainly wide trenches rather than upright barriers. Stalingrad became a city of very effective tank traps, but those were of the “rubble” variety. (Insert smiley here.)

I thought the dragon’s teeth in the West Wall contributed to some nasty Allied casualties during 1945? The impression I’ve had from reading a few books (am at work, no cites, sorry) was that while they weren’t impassable they held up your average tanks long enough (awaiting specialist equipment) that infantry units had to clear out defenders without effective armoured support.