Thought Police score another victory with the assistance of Mall-Wart

Just in time for Summer, a DVD which screens out nasty bits so you need not concern yourself with some items integral to a film, such as flesh, violence or language.

Scarlett, I think you’re a doody-head. :rolleyes:

I feel safer already.

God help us all! Someone has used technology to create a product to satisfy a demand!

Well, at least I’m safe. I have a stock of canned food and masking tape.


We’re Doomed

I still think I’m good. My non-compliant DVD players are stored in the bomb shelter…, with the duct tape.

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What a lame pitting. There’s obviously a market for stuff like this and Wal-Mart’s gonna sell it. Big hairy deal. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Actually, this really is not a lame pitting. Let me explain why. First, as with the V-Chip, I suspect that the folks that want to cram their morality down everyone’s throat will lobby to have this become standard. This will probably mean that not only will this device be added to DVD players but it will also mean that the DVDs themselves have to carry extra overhead. This has the potential to increase cost and inconvenience (for example, this thing is supposed to update regularly, so I assume that any new DVD will need some sort of modem and connection to said updating network).

That later point also has the potential for abuse. How long before this updating network starts to peek at what we have been watching? Rather Orwellian, to be sure, but not at all improbable.
I see this as a general lament for society. The fact that folks don’t just monitor their own viewing habits and those of their children and instead waste everyone’s time and resources with this crap. It really is not that hard to just not watch something or not allow your kids to do so if you object to the content. There are dozens of resources on line that can help you find out what is in a given film that will allow you to choose what you watch.

Finally, on the artistic front, this technology is altering the work that various artists created. While the legality of this (as I understand it) is still being determined, the fact is that this tomfoolery is in the same neighborhood as putting pants on Michelangelo’s David. It sucks.

Remember folks, just because a market exists for something doesn’t make it right.

The black helicopters are circling the Binarydrone compound as we speak.:rolleyes:

Well, that’s all smart of you to say and everything, but can you point out which part of my post indicates some sort of irrational paranoia on my part?

But the clue copter keeps getting swatted away by TeaElle, who is to wit what King Kong was conversation.

Why should this drive up the price of DVDs? It’s not as if they’ll have to include coding for the player to read, an independent outfit is pre-screening films and feeding a list of instructions to the player. The DVDs don’t change.

TeaElle, I am going to guess that this is what you are getting at:

Look at it this way. You have a device that is attached to your DVD player that regularly hooks up to some service that updated what it edits. You have, what, thousands of folks that bought these machines that dutifully registered their DVD. You also have hoards of ravenous marketers out there.

Are we to believe that the viewing habits of the folks using this machine are without value to marketers? That the technology to send back a little signal with the most recent movies watched (hell, even T.V. programs if the signal goes through the DVD for that matter) could not easily be incorporated? That even though these things are all possible, that somehow they won’t get implemented? Please.

Look no further than the Internet (ad ware, spyware, cookies and the like) if you think that this won’t happen. Remember the Pentium III that assigned a serial number to each chip to aid in tracking folks on line (although this was disabled later)?

I guess you won’t be buying a TiVo either.

Or ever using a credit card.

Or subscribing to a magazine or buying anything online or from a catalog that gets shipped to your house or even, Heaven forbid, using a website, where data about what links you click are SENT IMMEDIATELY OVER THE INTERNET TO MASSIVE COMPUTERS WITH PROGRAMS THAT ANALYZE THEM!!!

Personally, I don’t give a shit if the CIA knows I watched Superboobs XVI last night. I have far more important things to worry about, like being abducted by aliens.

So, I guess that I don’t get it. Because I do what I can to prevent marketers from getting information about me I am somehow paranoid? Huh.

FWIW, no I will not be buying TiVo. No, I do not have subscriptions to a magazine, for the most part I do not buy stuff on line (although that is more of a supporting local merchants thing) and I really don’t use a credit card (have one for emergencies but try to keep consumer debt low). I also have many spyware/cookie etc. Blocking utilities on my computer.

This is not unreasonable, and takes little or no effort on my part. It is not something that I sit up at night thinking about while polishing my guns. Simply a series of actions that I take because I value my privacy and find the whole marketing and advertising industry to be despicable.

And you know what, I probably get 1/3 the junk mail that others and get and almost no telemarketing calls.

You dummy, the tape is to put on the screen when nudity and stuff appear.

WHAT! Part XVI is out already?

…rushes out to adult video store…

Very simple solution - Don’t buy one. problem solved.

If you are worried they will become required, just buy another one now as back up in case your current one breaks… or order one from some other country that does not require them. or use your PC to play DVDs (I do anyway) and don’t worry about it at all. I doubt they will be required anyway becase unlike a television you have to actually go buy the movie to be able to watch it, so your kid can’t just flip horror slaughterthon 9000 on without you knowing about it.

And if your worry about them peeking in on what you have been watching… just don’t plug the modem in or whatever. Its not like it can send some magical signal on its own ya know.

I do agree that it is pretty stupid, but maybe some people just want to watch movies without sex and violence. Remeber, just becase you don’t like something dosen’t mean its automatically wrong.

On the surface it just seems like another product specially designed to cater to a certain faction of movie viewers. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing to get all in a tizzy over.

However, I can see why the filmmakers whose films are listed on the Clearplay site are feeling a little skeevy about the whole deal. That’s just kinda weird.

But, as long as the government doesn’t force all DVD players to have this (or, if they are included on all players at some point, don’t raise the cost more than a teeny bit, can be disabled, and won’t invade privacy), then I don’t really give a damn.

Cook food with the tape? Sheeeeit man, he won’t even be able to open the cans. He will be in his bunker with cans of food, tape and no can opener.