Thought your 2020 was bad? At least you weren't ghosted by Martin Shkreli

So a journalist, who was covering Martin Shkreli’s situation a few years ago, fell in love with him, divorced her husband, quit her job at Bloomberg News, and became “life partners” with Martin “Punch-Face” Shkreli, who sits in a jail cell. She even froze her eggs so they could have babies once he gets out.

Then she went public with their love in an article in Elle magazine, and Punch-Face is like “nah.”

When Shkreli found out about this article, though, he stopped communicating with her. He didn’t want her telling her story, she says. Smythe thinks it’s because he’s worried about fallout for her. While she waits to hear from him, she monitors Google Alerts for his name, posts in support groups for loved ones of inmates, and—because inmates must place outgoing calls and can’t accept incoming ones—hopes one day he will call or reply to one of her emails.

Smythe has only one photo of the two of them, propped next to her bed. Shkreli, his arm around Smythe, has a wide-open smile. “Doesn’t he look human there?” Smythe says, laughing…I tell Smythe I’ll need to ask Shkreli for comment. “Maybe this will be a reason for him to reach out to me,” she says. Later, when I relay Shkreli’s statement—“Mr. Shkreli wishes Ms. Smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors”—to Smythe via video chat, she says, “That’s sweet,” quietly, not convincingly.


Imagine ruining your life over that guy.

I’ll never again doubt the plausibility of Harley Quinn.

Sounds like she has a case of Hybristophilia. Although his crimes are not as heinous as described in the definition, her attachment seems to fit the bill.

I’d just seen Twitter “jokes” related to this and just by that decided I didn’t want to give it oxygen. I see I made the right decision. Shame on Elle for not protecting this lady from herself.

At the moment, the only fallout from this article is that she can’t get any of that sweet sweet Shkreli lovin. Everything else, the divorce, loss of job, the frozen eggs, she did to herself. It could very well be that this article gives her the wake up call she needs to restart a Shkreli-free life.

I’m now forced to admit that the woman who married the Berlin Wall didn’t make the craziest choice in life partners.

She’s also getting internet infamous in a way she wasn’t before.

Thought your 2020 was bad? At least you aren’t sitting in prison and being stalked by a crazy woman who is cashing in on stalking you. :slightly_smiling_face: