Thoughts from the world of medical education

The only thing worse than pictures of venereal disease is pictures of venereal disease where the doctor isn’t wearing gloves.

Umm…yeah. That was a visual I didn’t need.

I hear you - some of the physicians I work with are starting to treat varicoceles: an abnormal enlargement of the vein that is in the scrotum draining the testicles.

You don’t want to see the case photos.

I once had to proofread a medical course that included pics of venereal diseases. That shit don’t look purty, yo.

Ugh. I nearly passed out once, just standing in an ER as a friend of mine was treated for major and quite bloody injuries he suffered in a boating accident (he’s fine now). I already know that medical school is not for me.

During my second year of med school we had a lecture with powerpoint on how to do a pelvic exam and the pictures used must have been pretty old. One of our comedians raised his hand to ask a question: “Would you recommend using gloves during this exam?”

When I was training for the male genital exam, I was told by one of the instructors that the students were a lot more careful when gloves weren’t required. Once they were, people started missing all sorts of lesions that they didn’t bother carefully looking for.

One of the doctors I work with tells a story of doing a GYN workshop in Las Vegas. Women were paid to be practiced on. Don’t know what their day jobs were, but his fell asleep during the procedure.

Then he obviously wasn’t doing it right.

On the contrary…I want THAT doc doing my next one!