Thoughts on modern education

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I was looking at my nephew’s math book a year ago (3rd grade) and it was full of fluff. They would give 12 examples of how to arrive at the same answer. These were not traditional math methods and IMO, took up a lot of time that could be devoted to actually learning math.

My logic is as follows:

Most people absorb only a percentage of the information presented to them. By diluting the same information into a dozen different views, it means that a primary method gets a fraction of attention.

Everybody can benefit from custom learning techniques, but society can’t devote 10 teachers to each child for each subject. IMO, core education is best achieved by focusing on basic information, particularly in math. 2+2=4. Adding them in columns is an easy concept to explain if you focus on it and forgo 11 other ways of adding.

There is a place for “alternative education” and that is in testing methodology. I leave that to a different discussion.