Thoughts on obtaining multiple RE agents' proposals

We intend to list our house in the spring, and are pretty sure (close to if not 100%) we are going with one particular agent. When we get closer to the listing time, he will give us a formal proposal including his assessment of our house and pricing proposal.

The other day I wondered about the possibility of asking another agent or 2 for proposals. I have often heard the recommendation that a seller get 3 proposals. But it seems somewhat different in this case, as we already plan on going with this one guy. What do you think?

Is it totally dishonest/unethical/inappropriate for me to request proposals from agents I really don’t intend to use? Although I guess I could make an argument that someone COULD come in and really impress me, causing me to change my mind, I consider that extremely unlikely.

And is it an insult to the guy I plan on using to seek info from his competitors? I don’t really see this. My wife thinks it would be a sign that we don’t trust him. Me, I view it more in terms of my obtaining as much information as possible in an area I’m not expert at.

Go ahead and do it. There’s nothing unethical about it - what if another agent really can get you another $10k? And your agent knows he’s in a competitive business - if he’s insulted that you would get another proposal, he needs a new career. When we sold our house, we got 3 different appraisals & proposals - none of the agents complained when they weren’t picked.

Thanks. That’s pretty much what I thought. Always important to remind yourself that selling your house is first and foremost a business deal.

While I have a pretty good opinion of my (prospective) agent, it would be useful info if 2 other proposals came in $50k higher or lower. Would give me more info to intelligently discuss pricing and marketing with whomever I choose to go with.