Thoughts on the "Van Helsing" trailer

I just saw the trailer for the new movie Van Helsing. I won’t try to criticize the film’s quality as an action/horror flick, which can’t even be assessed until we see the whole thing. But the concept sticks in my craw. I believe there’s a limit on what you can do with established literary figures without transforming them beyond recognition. In this film, Van Helsing is a brave, sexy, glamorous swashbuckler. In Bram Stroker’s Dracula, Van Helsing was a brave, pious, charming, elderly Dutch professor. The only common element is “brave.” I’m sorry, but when I try to imagine Van Helsing as a young man, a swashbuckler is not what I see. How about you?

It’s Batman vs. Universal, essentially. It could be a lot of fun, if done properly. I thouroughly enjoyed The Mummy and The Mummy Returns which give me hope, but The Scorpion King sucked, and I hate a lot of the stuff they’ve done with the creatures (Dracula doesn’t look nearly as frightening or fancy as he should; Frankenstien’s monster looks pretty lame; and all the she-vamps are just kinda goofy looking). I do like the way they’ve spruced up the Wolfman, though, so that’s pretty cool.

But yeah, this is definitely going to be a movie that you have to set aside all knowledge of the characters and just enjoy it. I’m thinking it could be a lot of fun, but I’m going to wait till I’ve got a full flask of whiskey to see it.

I thought they had made it quite clear that the character played by Hugh Jackman was not Abraham van Helsing, but a relative. Didn’t you ever wonder how Abraham knew so much?

I’m sure someone will be along to correct me at any moment, though…

Don’t we see VH praying at the start of the trailer? Didn’t VH enter Castle Dracula alone in the book? I agree the characters are very different, but while I normally hate litarary butcherings, for some reason, I don’t mind this. Perhaps it’s because Dracula has been adapted so many times? Or I feel VH could have been like this when he was 30?

Are Abbott and Costello going to be in it?

I don’t recall the trailers hinting at this, but I did read an interview with Hugh Jackmen a while back (a little after X[Men 2 came out) where he mentioned this movie was supposed to be Van Helsing when he was young, so supposedly, it is the same character. But, that could have been changed.

According to the official movie site the movie is about Gabriel Van Helsing, not Abraham.

The more I see the trailer the more I think “crappy Vampire Hunter D rip off”

Do you really think that the writers OR directors OR costumers OR visual artists have a single inkling what anime is, never mind VHD?

I mean, really?

Considering the final shot in every commercial I’ve seen is an animated guy with a flowing cloak wide brimmed hat and a weapon at his side I’d say either it’s an awfully big coincidence or a stylistic rip off.

Also on the website they are planning to release an animated feature that’s VERY anime looking I’d say it was a safe bet that they’ve seen anime before.

another quote from the website “Van Hellsing roams the globe an outcast, a loner, who himself is hunted by those that don’t understand the true nature of his calling” Sound familiar? :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw the trailer that came with Kill Bill vol2.

I almost thought it might have been a decent popcorn flick until they showed the horse drawn carriage jumping across the gap. They couldn’t have ruined it any more unless they painted it orange and named it ‘The General Lee’

For some reason, I’m not a big fan of futuristic weapons in historical movies. I know that reality isn’t what they’re aiming for with this movie, but it still bugs me.

The very first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer was 'My Gods, what have they done to Solomon Kane!!".

Solomon Kane for those who don’t know was a character created by Robert E. Howard of Conan fame. Think of a puritan Indiana Jones/Batman fellow with rapier, pistols and an iron bound bible. :>

Oh yes, there was that. My first thought was "someone had a bet going that the bus jump in speed wasn;t the most implausible ever… OTOH, at least they were horses, which can at least jump to some extent, unlike buses, even if the couldn’t lift a coach. Also, I cut fantasy more slack with physics.

So I wasn’t the only one. For years I’ve wished somebody would make a Solomon Kane movie. Ideally, you’d go back in time forty years and make a Hammer film with Christopher Lee, but today I might cast Jack Davenport. I think he could carry it off.

There’s a line in the trailer that bugs me. Van Helsing’s sidekick(?) asks “Is it always like this?” and Van Helsing replies “Pretty much.”

That sort of laconic, stoic, flip response seems jarring and out of period.

Speaking of Vampire Hunter D, I remember when they just announced Van Helsing and every little anime fanboy and girl came out of the woodwork asking ‘Is it based off of Hellsing?’ :smack:

I’m going to do my best to ignore any and all ties to Romance literature and simply watch it as a popcorn flick.

It opens on my birthday; it has to be good. Right?

When I saw the horses - with carriage! - jumping over that canyon/ravine/whatever, I said to myself, “That had better be Dracula’s carriage.” If there’s nothing supernatural involved in that jump, I’ll be pissed.

And I’m also surprised that there’s never been a Solomon Kane film. Does anybody have any insight into why this might be? I’m sure someone, somewhere, at some time suggested a Solomon Kane film to a studio.


Y’know, I could’ve sworn that at least one trailer showed (spoiler just in case) the horses making it, but the carriage falling short on the other side, resulting in its starting a death plunge down the ravine.

Did I just imagine this?