Thousands of Scientists are Skeptical of Global Warming

31,478 Scientists Reject ‘Global Warming’ Agenda (Petition Project)
4000 Scientists sign ‘The Heidelberg Appeal’ (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
1500 Scholars, Policy Experts and Theologians sign the ‘Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship’ (Cornwall Allliance)1100 Climate Realists sign ‘The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change’ (ICSC)
700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares (The Heartland Institute)
400 Scientists Dispute Man-Made Global Warming Claims (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
170 Scientists, Economists and Theologians sign an open letter to the signers of ‘Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action’ (Cownwall Alliance)
116 Scientists Rebuke Obama as ‘Simply Incorrect’ on Global Warming (Cato Institute)
105 Scientists sign ‘The Leipzig Declaration on Global Climate Change’ (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
100 Scientists sign an ‘Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations’ (National Post, Canada)
60 Scientists call on Harper to revisit the science of global warming (Financial Post, Canada)
47 Scientists sign the ‘Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming’ (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
41 Scientists debunk global warming alert (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
35 Skeptical Scientists, ‘The Deniers’ (National Post, Canada)

Skeptical Scientists:

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane"

  • Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

A. Alan Moghissi, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Former Director, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Bioenvironmental Division, USA
Adriano Mazzarella, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Naples, Italy
Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Geophysical Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Albrecht Glatzle, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Biology, University of Hohenheim, Germany
Alexander Gumen, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Geology and Geophysics, University of Gomel, Russia


R.G. Roper, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
R. Perry Glaister, Ph.D. Geology, Canada
R. Tim Patterson, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Science, Carleton University, Canada

[[list trimmed]]


"Scientists that study the earth’s atmosphere, climate, and weather" - Wordsmyth Dictionary

A.J. Colby, B.S. Atmospheric Science, AMS Certified, Meteorologist WKYC-TV, USA
Andre Bernier, B.S. Meteorology, Meteorologist WJW-TV, USA

[trimmed list]]

Social Scientists:

"The assessment of regional environmental and social impacts is a multidisciplinary task that involves natural and social scientists working in tandem with policy makers." - American Meteorological Society

Alan Carlin, B.S. Physics, Ph.D. Economics, Senior Economist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA
Alan Moran, Ph.D. Economics, Director of the IPA’s Deregulation Unit, Australia

[[trimmed list]]

Oh Really?

Reported as no debate and a wall of names. When come back, bring debate.

To quote Albert Einstein when faced with similar empty argument by numbers, “If I were wrong, one would have been enough.”

Donald Trump is a scientist?

It’s also been posted numerous times on other boards.

Heh, note how the great majority are listed as “Economics” or “Political science” or “Business” or some such. Which means their opinion is little if any more authoritative on the subject than that of Bob the auto mechanic or Jane the bus driver. Just because you are an expert in one field doesn’t make you any more knowledgeable in another field than any other random layperson. Especially when the field in question isn’t even close to your own.

Yes really, all you have are lies,

Seitz in no way stated it was from the NAS and (shock) called himself a “past president of the NAS” which (shock) he was! What a crime! How dare someone state their credentials!

The petition is legitimate and so are all the names. Any fake names that were submitted were removed as well as any scientists who changed their mind. If any scientists have died they have noted it on the list. All the names are fully available on the website as well as the qualifications of the signers.

The scientific american check of 30 names (which have been corrected) is an absolute joke and there is a reason after all this years NO ONE has published a more thorough one.

No they are not the majority, the majority are natural scientists.

Really so there is no WGIII to the IPCC report? So economists and political scientists had nothing to do with that report?

I may be new here, but what’s the point of this post?
I could go off and find 10,000 names of people who don’t like the Beatles, but so what?

Well, there’s also the fact that the whole exercise is meaningless. It doesn’t matter how many economists and lawyers and political science guys sign some right wing list; the polar ice melts just as fast. They do not “make their own reality”, no matter how much they want to believe it.

To prove their is no consensus on “man-made” global warming.

There is, like it or not. The real argument at this point is “how much” and “can anything be done”. Stamping your feet and saying “No!” won’t change reality.

I knew it! The Beatles are a HOAX! Damn that Al Gore…

One could list a hundred historians who deny the Holocaust too. Guess there’s no consensus on that either

Yes, there is.