Thousands of spiders!

Now I know a lot of folks have an (irrational) fear of spiders, but I think they are pretty cool. There are estimates that put the number of spiders per acre in the 1,000,000 range!
Most of them are tiny and pass unnoticed, but I found a way to get an idea of just how many there are in my backyard (or, at least one particular type - the Wolf spider). I noticed that when I took my dogs out at night to do their business, I would often see very tiny reflections on the ground, like dewdrops. It turns out that Wolf spiders have eyes that act like retro-reflectors (like lane markers). When I hold my bright flashlight up at eye level (I actually put it on my forehead, and point it where I’m looking), I can see thousands of tiny glowing dots on the ground - and each one is a little spider! I tried to take a photo, but it wasn’t as impressive as the real thing. I’ll try again later.

Try it, and see if they are as plentiful where you live…

If I did this, I would never sleep soundly again until I sealed my bedroom with saran wrap.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That’s sooooo not ever going to happen.

beowulff - I noticed the same thing when I feed my horses at night - all these tiny reflective spider eyes looking at me (or the light). It’s pretty cool. And I think off all the spiders that might not be looking at exactly the right angle to catch the light. Amazing.


Could be worse - you could live in Australia:


GAH! I knew better! I totally knew better, but I clicked it anyways! I’ve seen the pictures before, I knew what this was, and yet I not only clicked…I scrolled!

As long as there are not thousands of snakes’ eyes I’m good.