Thread about overweight fictional heroes—insensitive?

Not to mention the Hulk.

If we’re using BMI, the Rock is overweight.

We’re not. Check out the thread, it’s pretty obvious.

Just curious… is Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of Bad (by Michael Jackson) offensive to you?

It might be on his archive, » Pinkwater Podcast Archive


Nah. It’s Weird Al.

I’ll look through it, but I think it was older than that. I might be wrong, though.

Can’t forget this guy, who died heroically over the Death Star: What was Lucas thinking with the Porkins character in Star Wars?

I don’t think the topic is insensitive. However, most people in many countries are overweight. Given that, there seems to be a paucity of representative heroes. Perhaps that is a bigger problem.

I loved it. I wasn’t fat then, in fact fairly thin, but my enjoyment wasn’t mean-spirited, just the cleverness of the parody.

He had a wonderful call-in to Car Talk about how much trouble he had getting into and out of cars, and his favorite for that reason was the new version VW Beetle, because the doorway was large and the door opened all the way out. I don’t remember what euphemism he used to describe himself, but it was used for humor not to deny his fatness.

Indeed, I would agree with you there.

Might have been Car Talk; it was almost certainly NPR, and almost certainly before podcasts were a thing. But basically he says he’s going to say the F word on the radio. Yes, the F word, on the radio, right now. Here it comes. F … F … F … F … FAT!

and then goes on from there; but whether it goes on from there to discuss car doors or something else entirely, I can’t remember.

And it was a lot funnier to actually hear him doing it.