Thread about overweight fictional heroes—insensitive?

I was inspired by super spy George Smiley in the novels of John LeCarre. I want Dopers to mention others, but figured I better test the idea here, before I post it in Cafe Society. If I’m being ignorant or insensitive, let fly.

Did you want a “Hey, let’s name some overweight fictional heroes” thread, or was there something more specific you wanted to discuss?

Jack Aubrey is a fictional naval hero, and needs to lose a few.

And there’s Nero Wolfe, too.

I’m overweight, and it would not offend me in general. I suppose it’s possible for you to present it in such a way as I would turn away in dismay, but it would have to be pretty bad. It might be interesting to focus on how they succeeded as heroes without physical prowess (or with less of it than usual).

For the George Smiley character, I see his being overweight as an advantage. I’ll say more in the CS forum.

Yes, just that.

Some people got worked up about Fat Thor. But I doubt it was very many.

There’s also Mycroft Holmes, and to some extent, Mr Parker Pyne. I also envisage Maigret as being a bit overweight?

Former detective Frank Cannon as portrayed by William Conrad in Cannon?


I think this is as bad as starting a thread with a racial slur in the title. It’s hate speech.

Yes, it could be better. Suggestions?

Fictional heroes who are larger-bodied persons.

Is it though? I’m overweight and not at all offended. In fact, I want to cheer them on. Yes! Go be fat AND successful!

What I’m offended by is Hollywood’s way of taking a person who is described as overweight by the writer and casting somebody skinny in the role. Such as “Where the Heart Is” where obese character Lexi Coop is played by Ashley Judd who liked to eat in the role but never showed an ounce of fat.

Fat is better than overweight.

I’m overweight. I don’t object to the thread or the title.

Not so much. Look despite the fact that I do not like BMI, and it is unscientific , it is widely used by medical and health professionals.

Thus “overweight” is not hate speech, and I am overweight. “Fat” is not very good and I do not like Obese either, despite the fact that yes, BMI uses it.

Like the House with a Clock in it’s Walls.

As a person constantly struggling with my weight (with varying success) and technically obese, I disagree vehemently. “Overweight” is a clinical term determined by BMI. “Fat” is just a slur.

(Unless you want to be pedantic and talk about people with extremely large muscle mass who are technically overweight despite having low body fat percentages, but I am pretty sure that’s not an issue in that discussion.)

You mean like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson? He’s pretty large.

Call me “overweight” and I’ll say, “Yep”. Call me “fat” and I’ll punch you.

I’ve tried before and failed to find a link to Daniel Pinkwater doing a piece about “the F word”; which I heard once on the radio many years ago, and have regretted ever since not having at least gotten on tape.

Pinkwater’s fat. So am I. I’m with the people trying to claim the word as a neutral descriptor. I understand that there are lots of others who disagree with this – it’s controversial.