Thread for SDMB Republican Creationist GLBT Quaker Skinheads

Am I the only one?

I can’t say I’m too crazy about the “B”. Pick a side, you know? Other than that, I’ll join your club. However, except for me, I insist we ostracize anyone who doesn’t agree with us.

Just so we all have nose piercings.

I have a deviated septum. Does that count?

Is it possible for one person to be GLBT? I can see how you could maybe be three of the four … but not all four at the same time.

I decided recently that I am not a doper, although I am obviously a charter member. I could more easily consider myself GLBT simul-inclusive (especially when I’m happy!).

So, is your group simply one that happens to be on the SDMB or is there a prerequisite level of doperness to be included?

If you’d toss in “equally comfortable in heels, jeans, or a tux” you’d have yourself a nice ad.

I prefer Red River or Cream of Wheat, am I still eligible?

I’m wondering if we should have a Dopefest.

I’m sure it would be a gay old time.

We should speak only Icelandic.

Most of the tattoos on my head are written in Icelandic, does that turn you on?

Don’t you think you should have used a less loaded word than “deviated”? :dubious:

I’m a skin-head and proud of it. In fact, I think most guys with hair look like ChiaPets.

How’s that for rad?

What… Boards?

We could make a conspiracy and battle the Black Jewish Lesbian Masonic Order.

I wish that made a good acronym. BJLMO? OBLJM? LOBMJ? BLOMJ?

Black Lesbian Old Jewish Order of Bastards.

Best thread title EVAR.

You win the intarwebz.

Now, if you’ll simply forward to me the name and account information of your financial institution, I’ll be happy to deposit your prize money!

Fucking splitter.


Speak for yourself. We’re quite a diverse crowd in this cranium. Three lesbians, two bisexuals, and one and a half of us are gay. We’re not quite sure about the other half of Ronald, he disappeared during the great Cheese Orgy of 1993. We don’t talk about that any more. :frowning: