Thread not showing poster names

In “General Questions”, there is a thread titled, “native american facial hair”.

When I open the thread, it shows the text of the posts, but not the names of the posters.

Whazzup? Is this a quirk of my browser, or is it happening to other people?

You’ve been here as long as you have and have never seen that phenomenon on ancient threads?

I’m not sure of the exact technical explanation, but it’s not just you, something got screwy at some point with the board’s database.

I’m seeing the same thing. I’m on Chrome, FWIW. Only thread I’ve ever seen this on with this forum software.

The board runs vBulletin currently, but it didn’t always. It used to be UBB and I think it might have been something else when it came fresh from AOL. Really really old threads have things like posters’ usernames stored in a format that vBB can’t use unless the poster was active after the switchover. If you go to Comments on Cecil’s Columns/Staff Reports or General Questions and scroll to the bottom, you can set it to sort threads by start time, in ascending order and from the beginning of the forum’s inception that are all guests with a few 99ers scattered about.

Well mangeorge posted in that thread back when and he is still around yet he is still listed as guest. His is post 10. You can tell because he ended his post with:


just like he still does now.

Yeah, looking at more threads, it looks like no username info is stored from that time period and threads that were started that long ago with posts that are headed by a username are that way because the post was made after the software shift, I guess. I’m not a computer whiz.

Yeah me neither. I just wanted to point the mangeorge thing out to help others try to figure it out. I highly suspect that you are correct though.

I could have sworn there were threads that would have a whole bunch of guests posting and scattered throughout would be random 99ers sticking out like a sore thumb with their modern headings.

There are, that’s just not one of them.