Thread On Merits Of Various Countries Compared The U.S.

My Google Fu is failing me.

Within the last year (I think) there was a thread discussing the relative merits both tangible and intangible of living in various countries compared to the U.S… I remember one country having the advantage that no parent ever had to worry about their kids joining a gang and another country where, within the village, no stay-at-home-mom ever felt isolated from the events and activities in the community. Beyond this I remember nothin’.

Can any of you guys please help me find this particular thread?

I’m really going out on a limb with this WAG, but are you sure the thread was actually about the relative merits of different countries, or could that have been just one aspect/hijack of the thread? Because the two tidbits you remember sound like they could have been part of this thread on polygamy.

Come to think of it I think it I have a strong feeling it was a hijack-ish of another thread. One thing I am sure of: It was after Diogenes the Cynic was banned from the SDMB.

Did you, or someone else you can remember, post in it?

:smack: I posted in it. And even sven posted the answer I was looking for. Thanks for the help.